The Authors


Bill McGee and Sandra McGee
A Cowboy-and-Lady Couple  

Bill, a Montana cowboy-turned-author, and Sandra, a Southern California Valley girl, have been writing together for 20 years. They each have a favorite saying about writing:

Bill:  “To anyone who has ever considered writing, there is only one way – ass in seat.”

Sandra: The strongest drive is neither love nor hate; it is the urge to edit another’s copy.”

The Cowboy

Bill McGee was born in 1925 in Montana and grew up cowboying. In 1950, he hung up his Levi’s and boots for Brooks Brothers suits and made a successful transition into broadcasting where he enjoyed 32-year career. His writing career has spanned six decades and he’s written 22 books, each in his signature journalistic and spare style, described “as precise and economical as a Mickey Spillane novel.” (Marine Corps League Magazine


The Lady

Sandra McGee’s writing career began in the 1990s as a publicist for the performing arts. In 2000, she teamed up with Bill for their first book, The Divorce Seekers. They currently have seven books on Amazon.  







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