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The glamorous divorce ranches of the Mad Men era

When the curtain fell on the third season of Mad Men, Betty Draper, our favorite housewife in crisis, was on her way to Reno to get a divorce.

This created some buzz about Reno’s divorce era and what was it, and inspired Priya Jain’s story for

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Betty Goes Reno: A visit to the glamorous divorce ranches of the Mad Men era,
July 21, 2010, by Priya Jain

After all, how many of the today’s younger generation know about the famed Reno six-week divorce era and how it eventually empowered women to get out of a bad marriage?

In 2014, Christopher Spata wrote a great piece in the Tampa Tribune about the screenwriting and attention to historical accuracy in AMC’s highly-successful television series (“Mad Men respectful with details from the past”, Tampa Tribune, April 13, 2014). Unfortunately, this piece is no longer available to read on the Tampa Tribune’s site, but as an example of historical accuracy, Mr. Spata addresses Betty’s going to Reno and why it fit historically with the script. As part of his fact-checking, Mr. Spata contacted Bill McGee for a comment or two and included a nice plug for The Divorce Seekers in his story.

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