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Marlboro ManLife magazine photographer Leonard McCombe shot this image of Texas rancher C. H. Long, a range boss for the JA Ranch near Amarillo, Texas. The image appeared on the magazine’s cover on August 22, 1949 and inspired Chicago adman Leo Burnett in the creation of one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history… the Marlboro Man.







Bill McGee back when on the Flying M.E. dude ranch… enjoying a Camel cigarette. 


Take a listen to this interview on Nevada Public Radio’s KNPR in Las Vegas, March 1, 2011

Tales from Reno’s Divorce Ranches 

The interview includes commentary by the following Reno divorce era experts:

  • Author Bill McGee – former 1940s dude wrangler on Nevada’s Flying M.E. divorce ranch
  • Author Marilu Norden -divorce seeker at the Pyramid Lake Guest Ranch in the 1950s
  • Beth Ward – former owner of the Whitney Guest Ranch in Reno
  • Mella Harmon – Reno divorce historian