Caricature of screenwriter Terry Robinson at work on the Flying M.E., 1947. (Caricature by Joan Allison, Author Collection)

Screenwriter Terry Robinson on the Flying M.E., 1948. Caricature by Joan Allison. (William and Sandra McGee Collection)


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  1. Veronica Triplett says:

    Dear Sandra – we would love to meet you and Bill. We currently live on what was the Flying ME Ranch – and would love first hand to hear stories.

  2. Tom Neil says:

    dear Sandra,
    I love TCM and especially movies from the 20’s to the 50’s. i have always wondered why there were so many movies that featured Reno or mentioned Reno and divorces. it wasn’t until i googled “movies about Reno and divorce” and it took me to your website that i finally found the answer to my question. i didn’t realize that Nevada made divorce so easy in 1931 until i read about it on your website. Thank you!!!

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