Caricature of screenwriter Terry Robinson at work on the Flying M.E., 1947. (Caricature by Joan Allison, Author Collection)

Screenwriter Terry Robinson on the Flying M E, 1948. Caricature by Joan Allison. (William and Sandra McGee Collection)


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  1. Veronica Triplett says:

    Dear Sandra – we would love to meet you and Bill. We currently live on what was the Flying ME Ranch – and would love first hand to hear stories.

  2. Tom Neil says:

    dear Sandra,
    I love TCM and especially movies from the 20’s to the 50’s. i have always wondered why there were so many movies that featured Reno or mentioned Reno and divorces. it wasn’t until i googled “movies about Reno and divorce” and it took me to your website that i finally found the answer to my question. i didn’t realize that Nevada made divorce so easy in 1931 until i read about it on your website. Thank you!!!

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