Will divorce hotels become the new Reno divorce ranches?

Posted: November 30, 2012 in This 'n That
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Divorce hotels, a new concept by Jim Halfens

Jim Halfens, a Dutch entrepreneur, wants to introduce “Divorce Hotels” to the United States… a weekend program for couples seeking a speedy split-up.

In a recent  Internet search for “divorce ranches,” I found this interesting story in the New York Times: “Quick Getaways at the Divorce Hotel”  (5/27/2012).

A Netherlands entrepreneur came up with the idea of a “Divorce Hotel“… a place where a couple checks in on a Friday, married, and checksout on a Sunday, divorced. According to the story, the concept is already up and running at six high-end hotels in the Netherlands and may be coming to the United States soon.

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  1. Get married and divorced in one weekend, but why? Seems like a lot of fuss on what should be a getaway. Looks like a nice hotel

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