Lily Tuck never expected to have a wonderful time on a divorce ranch

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Nevada Divorce Ranch Era, This 'n That
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Novelist Lily Tuck stayed on the Donner Trail Guest Ranch in Verdi in 1970 to get a six-week Nevada divorce

She never expected to have a wonderful time.

The heydays of the Reno divorce ranch era had already faded out, and the Donner Trail was the last of the legendary half-dozen divorce ranches that had been scattered outside of Reno from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Click on the link below to read Lily Tuck’s story…

“On Her Own” by Lily Tuck, Vogue Magazine, June 2012 issue



  1. Derek Warren says:

    I lived in the Donner Trail Guest Ranch as a boy for over two years (1977-79). Best years of my childhood! Is there any way I could get a copy of the article?

    • Sandra McGee says:

      Derek, How interesting… I would welcome some of your memories from those years and how you came to live on the Donner Trail Guest Ranch. Please feel free to post additional comments on my blog. I’ve had several requests for copies of the VOGUE magazine story, so I’ve added a link on the VOGUE magazine post to a PDF of the complete story. -Sandra

      • Derek Warren says:

        Thanks for posting the PDF, Sandra. For several years now, I’ve been researching on the old house by looking at the collections library at UNR (the Drackert collection) and visiting Verdi to show my kids the place. It’s kind of a hobby for me.

        We moved into the ranch house in early 1977. We were a large family of 8 children (7 still at home at the time). My father had somehow made a connection with the owners who lived in Italy. They offered to let us rent the house for $350 month. Not bad for 10 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a restaurant-style kitchen, and located in one of the most beautiful places in Nevada. I was 11 at the time. My brother and I roomed together on the third floor, on the east side closest to the neighboring apartments and the Truckee River. My brother and I had so many adventures there that for me, those 2 years seem as if they constitute the entirety of my childhood.

        I was so excited to find your web site, which I found only because I found your book first! Thank you for the research you’ve done and for sharing your experiences. I look forward to reading future posts, and tossing in a few of my own experiences.

  2. Kurtis Estes says:

    Is there any way to read the rest of this story? It is amazing! I have looked all over the internet! Please help.

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